Thursday, October 11, 2018


A big part of owning and maintaining Real Estate effectively is to know your landscape, and have a clear understanding where are we projected to go.

At SMK Realty Solutions, we specialize in investing and developing residential real estate.  So, we're always keeping a vigilant eye on the pulse of the local DC, Maryland, and Virginia market.

Median Sales Price Trend

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  • Federal Reserve Interest Rates

    United States Fed Funds Rate

    What Does This All Mean?

    If you are looking to sell your home within the next few years, now is the time to sell.  As interest rates go higher and higher (which they will as we look at the trend and policies the Fed are implementing), less and less people will buy homes through mortgages.  As this occurs, the sales price will start to cool down and perhaps dip down further than today's values.

    What If My House Needs Some TLC?

    Some people think they don't have many options if they feel that their home cannot be sold easily the traditional way: on the market through a realtor.  I am happy to tell you that you have various other options to maximize your sales price.

    We do provide competitive CASH offers for homes and can close as quick as 7 days.  But if you give us a call today, I can walk you through various other options and provide a FREE, NO OBLIGATION and CONFIDENTIAL analysis of some of the best options for you.

    We're more than a business.  We're here to help people through real estate.

    (301) 329-6500

    Call us today and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to put the most money in your pocket.

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